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Customized Travel

Ourn tailor made trips are designed specifically for you at. Discover Elsewhere looks beyond the  industry and often creates experiences that are solely intended for one person. We have partnered chefs to serve a meal to foreign diplomats, reunited families separated during wartimes, fostered marriage proposals and constructed honeymoon packages that allowed wedding guests to contribute to specific activities. Jf you are limited by a budget or wanting to stay in A list hotels, taste your way on gourmet trips, stretch your travels out on a yoga tour, keep your eyes peeled on an animal safari, en-gauge on train enthusiasts tours, find your focus on our photography trips or ask for anything else of interest. We have designed private tours in over 60 countries spreading across 6 continents. Let us create a holiday specifically for you and discover a new way to travel.

Where will your travels take you next?

Taj Mahal

South Asia

Tropical Bay

Island Getaways

Image by Juli Kosolapova

Middle East &
North Africa

Image by sutirta budiman

Sub Saharan Africa

Asian Elephant

South East Asia

Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

South America


East Asia

Bicycle in Europe


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