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Discover        Elsewhere

At Discover Elsewhere we design and operate tours that are customized to meet your needs. The experience we bring to the table is unparalleled in the industry. Our experts knowledge reaches both well known destinations and some of the most isolated corners of the world. Let our experts craft your unique, safe and hassle free overseas adventure. 

What our travellers say...

Thailand, Laos & Vietnam

Sakai was always very conscientious of making sure we were educated about the culture and way of life of the people we met and interacted with and that everyone was treated with respect. I cannot say enough about the quality of this trip as a whole and Sakai who seemed to be everybody’s best friend, confidante and mentor.

Allison, Australia.

Multiple Family Tours

What makes Sakai such a unique individual and so amazing at his job is his ability to make connections with total strangers. He's great at reading people-not just his clients but those he meets along his path. 2017 and 2018 are the first two trips of many our family will take with Sakai. Sakai has given my family the world.

Dru - USA

Tibet, Nepal & Bhutan

Sakai is an extremely knowledgeable guide who has connections around the world from his many years of experience in the industry. He can tailor the trip to your preferences while ensuring you get an authentic perspective of the country. Definitely recommend!

Joao - USA

Egypt, Jordan, Syria & Turkey

Sakai is a true citizen of the world and a chameleon of culture. No sooner has he arrived in a city he seems to become known. No sooner than he arrives in a country he seems to speak a new language. You can embark on an adventure alone… but you will never find Elsewhere without Sakai.

Juan - Argentina

Morocco & Algeria

I’ve dealt with group tours before and been happy with my tour leader. but none have compared to Sakai. His willingness to go out of the way to organize things not on our original plans was amazingly helpful. His knowledge of the area also allowed us to maximize our time.

Ryan - UK

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