Sakai Naismith 

CEO and Founder of Discover Elsewhere

When I was 12 my mother won a trip to France by guessing the number of mechano pieces in the Eiffel Tower at our local shopping centre. My parents over-capitalised on the trip and we visited 13 countries in 3 weeks. When we returned it seemed the whole family settled back into the daily grind with a sense of relief. I was restless for a long time afterwards, constantly reliving the experience and reminding myself of everything I had seen. I started to study maps, learn capitals, collect currencies and regretted not learning a second language.

If we skip forward a few years... I left a promising career as a lawyer to work for cirque du soleil - a job that reinvigorated my love of travel. Once my contract ended with cirque du soleil I found myself working in South East Asia working as a guide, sharing my passion for travel with others.

This is what I have done since for multiple companies around the world. I have designed National Geographic award winning tours, taken thousands of people on holidays in 50+ countries and been accredited as one of the best in my profession.

Now able to speak 8 languages and move with ease across the world. I love to facilitate people's travel and create unforgettable, life changing experiences. 

Discover Elsewhere, my brainchild, allows me to do this. It is a small boutique company that places the customers needs above all else. Everyone travels differently Most travel companies recycle itineraries to save time. Often tour guides spend their time repeating what is written in text books, instead of telling a story from their own life or from local folklore. With our passion for discovery we transform destinations into experiences and make every experience memorable. We are committed to embracing a more personalized and sustainable brand of travel.