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Sakai Naismith 

CEO and Founder of Discover Elsewhere

My parents first ever trip overseas was also my own, and as with everything you do for the first time, it was a bit of a disaster. 13 countries were squeezed into a 3 week tour lined with 30 hour flights on each end, and 3 kids to get through it all. Im pretty sure it was a nightmare that discouraged travel in my family for some time.

A tendency to step outside of societal norms is well characterized by my decision to leave the law for acrobatic theatre. My colleagues at cirque du soleil were multilinguistic and they excited the audience every night with their joy, passion and love of life. 


Following their example I took a plunge and found work in South East Asia as a guide. My capacity for storytelling brought ruins to life and broke down cultural barriers. Since my initial job in Vietnam I have remained in the industry for 20 years. I have designed National Geographic award winning tours, taken thousands of people on holidays in 60+ countries and been accredited as one of the best in my profession. I am a self taught linguist and am known as a cultural chameleon.

The trips we write at Discover Elsewhere are unlike any other travel company, because they are yours. We shape, mould and create each trip to meet the needs of the people travelling. We want to get to know you. We want your holiday to not just be exciting, but we also want it to reflect you and your interests. It is because of this dedication to our passion that every single Discover Elsewhere client has either referred a friend or travelled with us again. 

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